A Piece Of Israel was really a pleasure to deal with and really helped me work out and actualize my custom design challah board.

These are really one of a kind: beauty, practical, even spiritual, and reasonably priced for what they are as a present for a channukas habayis- fantastic!

When I chose a custom Birchas Cohanim Bracha with my family names on the back A Piece of Israel type-set the words so they look abstractedly like a chassid’s face with streimel, payos, and beard which for us really works though I did not ask for this, they could not know, and probably it was just A Piece Of Israel’s intuitive creativity!

We are very happy. A genuine custom piece of art on our Shabbos table and appropriate to increase the warmth and beauty of our personal family dynamic!

This present will make you happy & is forever!

Yosef Family ~ Old City of Jerusalem, Israel

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