Frequently Asked Questions

Will my challah board or mezuzah be made on Shabbat?

A Piece of Israel never works on shabbat or other restricted days on the Jewish calendar .

Do you have an American number? How can I contact you?

Yes. You can contact us in multiple ways:
Use the Contact Form (at the bottom of EVERY page)
Call: 0527027696 (Israel)
Call: 2013047538 (USA – Leave a message)
Or you can contact us directly on our social media channels.

How long will it take to receive my custom product?

Up to 4 weeks for delivery to your address.

Upon completion of the order we will send a graphic mock-up to the email provided in the checkout. Once the product is confirmed it takes up to one week to produce and ship. International deliveries take 8-12 business days, depending on where you live. Domestic deliveries take 2-3 business days.

Can I see how my custom product will look before it is made?

Yes. Upon completion of the order we will send a graphic mock-up based on your order form to the email provided in the checkout. You will have the opportunity to confirm or suggest any edits you would like to see. We will continue to revise the mock-up until it is exactly as you envisioned. 

We never make a custom product without your confirmation of the graphic mock-up first. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We use DHL for international deliveries to the US, Canada and Western Europe. We provide a tracking number so you can trace the package en route. 

Do you ship domestically inside Israel?

Yes. We use Israel Post for all domestic. We provide a tracking number so you can trace the package en route. 

What if the product is damaged in transit?

We take full responsibility if something is damaged during transit. If a product breaks in transit a new one will be made and shipped free of charge to the customer.

Where does your material come from?

All our stone products are made with natural Jerusalem stone sourced from the Jerusalem area of Israel. The Indian Rosewood and Pecan wood are grown in Israel. The Beech wood is imported from Europe.

Can I see your products in stores?

No. At this time we only produce custom products direct to the customer. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see pictures of what we make.

Can you make a custom product that’s not on the site?

Yes! We love custom projects. Our laser machine can work with many materials including plastics and leather. Check out our instagram to see the ketuba we printed on piece of leather purchased from a factory in Israel that makes Torah scrolls.