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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on order complexity and time of year.

All sales are finale.

All orders must be approved by the customer before they are produced in our studios.

If an ordered is damaged during delivery we request you take a photo of the damaged item/s and contact us immediately.


Our Challah Boards are designed to carry a few loafs of bread and a knife. We do not recommend you place heavy objects on the glass or bread board.

The stone weighs approximately 3kg (~6.6 lbs)
The glass weighs approximately 2kg (~4.4 lbs)

The stone challah board can conduct heat and is not recommended to have very hot items from the stove or oven placed on them. Warm challah is definitely ok.

Imagine you bought a painting from an art gallery where would you put it? This is the same approach we take with our Judaica. It's best to keep the Judaica in room temperature not in direct sunlight. Make sure that it's in a safe place away from children.

From Israel: 055 666 4944
From America: +972 55 666 4944

We reserve the right to call you, we also reserve the right to request Photo ID, A Card Statement fax and issuing bank phone number to verify your identity. We have strict anti-fraud rules in place and will pursue prosecution for all fraudulent orders.