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“A Piece Of Israel was very friendly and easy to deal with. They made sure that we were able to get the gift on a tight time schedule. The Challah board is absolutely stunning!”

Moshe Feldman ~ Valley Village, California

“I have never gotten more compliments on anything than I get on my challah board! Thank you A Piece Of Israel.”

Rebbetzin Jane Farkas ~ Thornhill, Ontario. Canada.

There’s nothing more meaningful than a custom challah bread board with the newly married couple’s name and monogram engraved into the design and a personal blessing on the back.

Best Jewish Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary Gift

What wedding gift could you possibly give to a Jewish couple that would be unique, beautiful and meaningful while being cherished and used for many years?

It comes down to practicality. Every Friday night regardless of religious observance Jews across the world have a tradition of elevating their dinner table with the blessing of the bread. A Piece of Israel specialize in making personalized challah bread boards on Jerusalem stone and materials native to Israel. Each one is made with a blend of detailed hand-craftsmanship and the latest engraving technology to produce one-of-a-kind, tailor made bread boards. Above and beyond any other challah board A Piece of Israel gives their customers the options of personalizing the text, the colors and designs. There’s nothing more meaningful than a breadboard with the newly married couple’s name and monogram engraved into the design.

Another special touch that’s offered is engraving a message into the back, literally leaving a lasting impression forever. This is the opportunity to tell the special couple how much they mean to you. Cards eventually end up in a box or worse in the garbage, but a challah board gets used every Shabbat and Holiday which is about 110 days a year.

The answer is clear, the best gift you could give for a Jewish wedding is a customized challah board made in Israel, on a piece of Israel by A Piece of Israel.com

Adam Ezekiel, Founder